Movie Review Adam (Spoilers)

Adam cover

Paid review: Nope, paid for the movie myself

Name: Adam
Release year: 2009
Runtime: 99mins
Director: Max Mayer, known from Better living and Alias
Main actor: Hugh Dancy, known from Hannibal and King Arthur
Main actress: Rose Byrne, known from X-Men: Apocalypse and Spy

Story: The movie is about a boy named Adam who has Asperger’s and loses his father. Asperger’s means that you are bad at social things and often do things on rutine. A woman Beth moves in next door and she is normal and very socail but at first she does not understand him but is still drawn to him in someway.

Bad: It is my favorite movie as I have Asperger’s too so it is hard to put a finger on bad thing. I would not say it is a bad thing but of course there needs some drama in the movie and one of the screens, Adam, learns he had been lied to by Beth because her parents really want to see him and Asperger’s do not normally like new people so she had arranged to meet them behind his back.

Good: Many of the screen have two answers which I will tell more about at my favorite screen

Stars: 7 out of 6 stars as it is done perfectly and my old specail school plus my work use it to explain new people about me.

Favorite screen: I have two since it is my favorite movie.

  1. screen is that Adam and Beth are in bed together, and Adam says he wants to do something again and because it is the middle of the night people would expect sex but instead he wants to pratrice for a job interview.
  2. screen is were Beth is sad, and she needs a hug and because she is learning about Aspergers she respects that he might not want to hug her so she ask if he can hug and he replied yes before she tells him to hug her because he do not get that she need one.

Watch again: Yes, already watched it a lot of times

Final words: If you need a love story with some specail about it, then watch it.

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