Software review of Apollo


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Apollo for Reddit
Developer: Christian Selig former Apple employee
Version: 1.10.3 on iOS (requires iOS 12.0)
Platforms: iOS
Price: Free to download and use but if you want extra features and cool stuff check the prices in the pictures bellow

This app is the best app there is for Reddit and it is so very awesome in every aspect and I use it daily when checking Reddit, almost better than watching it from a laptop or computer. I only have 2 minor issues and do not know if it possible to add. The first thing is that I wish I could sync my favorite subreddits between the web and the Apollo app and second I wish I could jump between pictures and gifs instead of close and open a new one. Other than that I cannot praise it enough. It got everything you expect for an Apple App and more.

Famous last words: Download it now as it is an awesome app for reddit and way better than the official one and buy the pro and ultra too as the creator is doing an awesome job.

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