Software review of Drops & Scripts


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Drops & Scrips
Developer: PLANB LABS OU
Version: 35.7 for Drops and 8.4 for Scripts on iOS 8.4
Platforms: iOS, Android and web
Price: 10usd a month or 69,99usd a year.

The apps are very simple to learn and use as they are very finger freindly but lets us start with drops:


Drops works by you pick a language and a subject you want to learn and then the words drops one by one and quickly you have a few words to play with. You can decide if you want to learn the word or not and it work simple like the rest. The words you want to learn show ups in different ways, from spelling to picking between other words.


Scrips starts the same but instead of seeing the signs you get to play with them yourself and that works too so lots of differernt drawing and which works good too. It is a bit hard to remember them but guess I learn it slowly.

I use the apps daily every morning in the train and I am trying to learn Chinsese and have tried Tagalog before

Famous last words: if you want an easy way to learn languages then you found the right place

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