Software review of Paper


Paid review: No (Standard)

Name: Paper
Developer: Mihhail Lapushkin
Version: 1.11 (iOS) 2.28 (MacOS)
Platforms: iOS, MacOS
Price: Free to download and use but if you want it all, it cost a one time fee of 49.99usd for MacOS, $8.99 for iPhone and $17.99 for iPad

The app is a super simple writing app where you pick a place to save your files (iCloud Drive for sync) and then you just start writing. It is using markdown which is a coding syntax which makes things easy to do without making your focus on the bling everywhere. This is one of the things I love as I love simple things and I recently switched over to it from Ulysses so now I am writing my novel there. I want to say a lot of things about it but it is so simple that I just will shut up and let you enjoy it yourself. It comes in black and white lol.

Famous last words: if simple + writing = you will love paper

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