Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 7

It was a nice morning as 000001 opened her eyes. The sun was up in the horizon while a bird had landed in her window and started to sing for her. She wanted to get out of bed but the pain from her injuries stopped her movements so instead she decided to enjoy the singing from the birth. Just as the bird started to sing most beautifully noises on the hall outside her room broke the silence and the little bird flew away as fast as it could. A knocking was heard but before 000001 had a chance to answer, the door opened and 3 men entered the room while having a major argument “I am not letting your torture this young lady, after all she had been to” 000005 yelled loudly against 000004 and another man who she did not recognise at first but the golden clothes made her quickly know that it was the emperor. She tried to seat up so she could bow a bit to the emperor but the emperor noticed and replied her instead of his son. “No need to bow for me, my child as your father was a great general and warrior for me so at you are the one bring me this sad news is unbearable” 000001 tried to smile but the joy was short as 000004 did not waste the time and replied to 000005 “You have no idea about anything, you are a child like her but sometimes you need to do what is needed of you even that it might hurt” 000004 yelled which shocked 000001 as even that they had only been together for a short while she did not expect him to be like this but the sweet voice from the emperor had given her enough strength and before 000005 could defend her she broke in “Why not ask the broken person about it whatever is on your minds instead of talk about something like she is not in the room” the men look surprised at each other and became all silenced. Breaths revealed that they was still alive and angry but it was still 000001 who broke the silence. “I would like to have some noodles and some chicken” 000001 said and 000005 turned around and nodded to a servant who quickly started running after the food. “Well, my lords… we have some time while the servant is bring me the food so is there anyone calm enough to tell me what is going on and what is in such rush” 000001 continued and the men looked at each other and at her as they did not expect her like this.

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