Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 8

000004 tried to speak but it was 000005 who said something first “These men, want to use hypnoise on you to learn who attacked Shinobe while I want you to rest and get better first as I do not find it important if the enemy attacks us soon anyway” the answer made 000001 look at the all with big eyes as she did not expect their argument and even less why was it the crown prince who protected her and not 000005. She took a deep breath while she made up her mind and replied. “Ok, but please let me have some breakfast first” the men nodded all and all left the room except for 000005 who sat himself in the chair and looked at her with playful eyes which made 000001 flush deeply. Before any of them could say anything the servant that 000001 had called to bring her some food had arrived and it was chicken and noodles as she had ordered. She wanted to say thank you to the servant but he had already left the room so she decide to start eating again. “Why did you let those old fouls use hypnosis on you when you are still broke? And it will not change a single thing in the events that will happen” 000005 asked and 000001 quickly stopped eating and replied “Well, my mother gave me this mission to bring the news to the emperor and” “I do not care what mission your mother gave you, she would not have asked you if she knew you would be in pain now” broke 000005 clearly annoyed with the answer she had given before he quickly turned glad again and before 000001 could say anything he continued “Sorry, I just do not want you to die as there is always a chance that your body forget what have happen to it doing a hypnosis so you could die doing the séance” 000001 face turned even more red and tried to use the warm noodles as cover before she replied “Like I was trying to say before you broke in, my mom gave me this mission and maybe the hypnosis helps me stop feeling the events was my faults as if I had just been at home the entire time, my mom would have time to ride with me instead of sending out the servants to look for me” a tear ran down her cheek but she quickly removed it before eating some more and soon the chicken was all gone. 000005 did not know what to reply as he respected her reasons and her bravery but why was he caring so much for a woman, he has not meet or seen before even her father was the most trusted general of his father’s army. 000001 used the silence to finished the food and just as she had finished the last bite the emperor and 000004 entered the room like they had been called. “Are you ready now?” 000004 said calmly while he looked at both 000001 and 000005. 000001 did not answer with words as she just nodded and 000004 walked to the bed while he spoke “Seat up against the wall with your legs straight and your arms following your back into the bed while slowly clearing your mind for everything that has happened, both good and bad”

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