Added new story

Hello Anyone

Sorry I am slow at doing anything at all with Beyond Love Existence lately but at the moment the story is getting checked by a freind to see if he find it any good. If something is bad it might change the story a bit but in the mean time I have gotten a new story idea named ‘Dear…’ it has already gotten a home her on my site so check the cover and the character page (Will add characters as they appear in the story). The story which is written like a diary, follows Liv on 27 who is getting married in a year after her boyfreind asked her, but soon their life is turned up side down. I hope I can write it more often than I am on Beyond Love Existence at the moment which I guess as I won’t need any help writing it except for some spell checking. I have also added the new cover for chapter 8, thanks David.

See you soon, thanks for following and have a nice day.