Day 3

Dear diary diary

Today was a bit more normal even that my mom are still crazy about that I am getting married. Otherwise it was a pretty normal day. I spend my lunch together with my future husband which reminds I have completely forgot to introduce you to him, his name is Niklas Sloth and his is 3 years my senior so 30 years old. I guess I am just as confused as my mother who I spend the last two hours talking in phone with. I hope she becomes less crazy doing the time before the big day if not she will too much to handle. Of other things I watched three shooting stars tonight when I was taking out the trash and I cannot tell you what I wished for or they won’t come true but I am sure you can guess that the subject was my wedding day. Anyway I have to go to bed now as it is getting late here and I have work again tomorrow.

Good night diary.

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