Day 7

Dear diary

The numerous shooting stars is in the news now, sorry for starting in such a rush but since I heard it in the radio in the car on the way to home from work I knew I had to write it as I think I noticed around 12 to 15 of them too. It was a nice sight but even the scientists has no idea of where they come from as they are is nothing in the sky and we are not even close to any of our normal events with lots of shooting stars. Ahhh, thank you for arriving rain so my mind can relax as I have been going nuts the last days especially after hearing the news that the scientists. I wonder what is happening up there, Niklas on the other hand is not scared and has spend the last 3 evenings watching the shooting stars from his window and tried to count them all. I could see on his eyes doing our lunch that he had been up more than one night to look at them. Damm the rain was not alone, it has now been joined by lightnings and I pretty sure thunder will join them both soon. I hate that but guess it is better than the shooting stars as then there is a chance that Niklas won’t be so sleepy at our picnic tomorrow. Yeah I forgot to tell you that we are not living together yet as his apartment is not big enough for both of us and my landlord won’t allow me even I feel like I have plenty of room so we are looking for a bigger one for us both unless we well over a house instead. Far away to get away from the noisy town but still close enough for our jobs. Please go away thunder and lightning so I can get a good sleep too. Thanks for the text, love… you know how much I hate it. Even I can sleep long tomorrow I guess I better sleep while I can in the love rain.

Good night diary.

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