Day 11

Dear diary

I want to live forever like a white fake rose as I am so happy in my life right now. I know I have mentioned the picnic in the days before but it was just so prefect, with the weather sunny and a light breeze which turned the heat into a nice temperature. We share straw berries with chocolate and whipped cream, I hope we can do that again soon as I really has been tried from work lately. I also got an awesome letter, my landlord has decide that since we are getting married we can move in together so next weekend we will back his stuff and move them here. Then we will see what happens if we finds something better but I cannot wait to wake up in bed with Niklas by my side. Maybe all the shootings stars are bring me luck even I am still getting tried of them as people are not talking about others, even my mom who was so crazy about the weeding less than 2 weeks ago. I know there is still long time for the wedding but still I did not expect something could keep her quiet about it before after my wedding. By the way, I have decided that I want to the theme to be under the sea so instead of black suits I will prefer to have blue and my dress needs to be turquoise to fit the rock my father gave me. I also want to have sushi so we have to find a good restaurant as I want the weeding to be perfect. Wow if I did not know better I would think it was thunder but it was just a shooting star who was a bit bigger than the rest, I really hope that those scientist knows if we are in danger or not as it is getting on my nerves. I do not want to go extinct like the dinosaurs on the most happy year of my life. If a big meteor wants to destroy the earth it can wait to the day after my weeding, not a second before. Guess I need to get to my bed to sleep now or the kids will kill me tomorrow.

Good night diary.