Day 19

Dear diary

Today was a simple day as I did not go work because of day off. I have spending time with my mother and we had coffee. We talked about everything from Niklas and I finally living together and crazy enough she already want us to look for a new place because she does not find it big enough for us and a future child. I told her we had no plans of having kids in attempt to stop the talk but instead she just said that I had not been expected to get married either and look at how it went. I guess she is right even I did not make it seem like when we talked. Btw I have completely forgot to introduce you to my mother, well her name is Viola and she is 57 years old and working in her own flower shop so guess we have no problems getting the flowers for our wedding. She was married to my father all his life and has not married or even looked for a new one since he died in the car crash. I really hope he is in a better place now as he was really the best. Right I forgot to introduce him too. Well his name was Brian and was geologist, he gave me the turquoise stone I talked before. I miss him almost daily but I hope that by Niklas entering my home and life for good then I can be more focused on present as I am sure my father wanted that. Guess that was all for today.

Good night diary.