Day 31

Dear diary

It is weird to think that not long ago there was shooting stars on every clear evening while now they are just as rare as they was before. By now things are more normal as much they can be when you have a famous husband. I have already been asked by 10 different parents about him now and none of them seemed to care much about me before unless something major had happen for their little child. I hate parents at times, but I love spending time with the kids, I wonder if I get to become a good mother or I will become just as awful as them. Niklas says that I shall close my diary for the night as he cannot sleep because of the light for the lamp but I do not mind so I just left him alone in the bed and went down to the kitchen table to have some warm tea and continue writing. I have coffee with my mom doing my lunch break once more as Niklas was called to the army to talk about the rock but that is life I guess. I cannot be with him all the time even I want to. I wish some of his famous rock find dropped some of the magic on me so I could get some more friends instead of just being the future wife who is asked about him. I love him so I guess I should not care much about it and now I will go to bed so he does not feel like I am annoyed on him.

Good night diary.

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