Day 101

Dear diary

I am far from calm now, so if my words do not makes any sense at all then all the questions about the universe has just been answered. The special news on tv just told that aliens has arrived in the capital less than 100km’s from here so I guess happiness and sadness is like ying and yang as Niklas was order back to military already yesterday without any reason so we missed an evening together and today aliens. I am so shocked about I do not know what to do or think. I am a woman who believe in God, and my point is not that I expected us to be alone in the universe but I did not expect us to get visit from some planet in my life time. I do not know what to think or say anymore, I am so chocked and never believed that my life would change so much in 100 days since I started writing this diary. My boss called me afterwards to tell me that aliens or not I am still going work tomorrow beside they have not landed yet. I wonder if he is just as confused as me as who in their right mind can continue their normal life after this.

Good night diary.

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