Day 103

Dear diary

Niklas called and told me his side of things today. He had tried to call earlier but the command has closed the phone lines as they had to prepare instead of focusing on their civilians. Niklas say he had watched a lot of movies as kids about aliens attacking the earth but he did not believe them to be evil in real life. Thanks to him, I am now worried about us as I have never seen any alien movie but the tv is not showing anything else other that movies or news. I wonder what will happens next as the aliens has still not landed or shown any signs of life but the airforce has been flying around the UFO like ants on an ant-hill. I overheard the tv mention the scientist who was the one who had discovered that the comet was not a comet but an advanced from transportation of the aliens. The rock has placed itself between the moon and the earth so it was super easy to spot now while the UFO was only a small part of the big object. Scientist around the world was now trying to be the first to pick up the radio-waves from the ship or should I say ships as in my craziness I forgot to mention than since they arrived at our capital 2 days ago, UFO’s has appeared near other capitals, from Tokyo, to Beijing, and even as far away as Berlin. I am having hard time sleeping but the parents who brings their kids to the kindergarten looks even worse so I keep forcing myself to work even I want to stay home just in case that Niklas calls.

Good night diary.

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