Day 109

Dear diary

Fuck, fuck, fuck. I am sorry for swearing in this lovely book but I am far from ok, the tv plus all the electric in the town just disappeared after a reddish coloured beam suddenly left the UFO and hit the ground on living TV. I have no power and if you look against the capital you can see the reddish light appearing again and again as the only light in the entire area. Shit things just got even more crazy 5 planes from the airforce just flew above my head. Yes I am outside before you ask any stupid questions. Please just be a dream, I love you Niklas, our town is still whole so please come home alive too. My phone is not working either so have to go to my mom even I am not sure it is a good idea to leave my home. Power is back so things are normal again. I am still going to my mom this instant.

Good night diary.

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