Day 113

Dear diary

It been 4 days since the mysterious reddish light appeared and I have not heard from Niklas other than the bass is telling us all is good and that I shall stop spamming the phone lines as they need to call other people too. I want to walk to the military bass but the town has been place under laws by the military and we can only go to work or buy food. My mom is doing fine and says that I should stop worrying about Niklas as she is sure he is fine and that the army is just busy taking care of the other towns like ours. I miss him and which he will call me back soon or even better get reassigned to our town so I can see him while he works at least. The reddish light is really annoying my sleep so good thing the light in the evening last longer so I can start falling asleep normally. I am still shocked about the arrivals of the aliens and even that the news goes on and on and on and on about them we still have not yet seen a picture of them but guess I am just too busy at work.

Good night diary.

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