Day 131

Dear diary

The sickness is still there but at least I know why I am sick now. I am pregnant, I have no idea why I did not just take a test when I started feeling sick but maybe all this craziness of the world this moment has clouded my judgment. I am still home resting as it is still so new for me and for a change my boss wanted me to be at my best before going back to work. I think I can go back to work tomorrow. I have still not heard from Niklas anything but at least the female operator in the other end made a promise that he would be granted permission to call as soon as he returns to base so my dear husband he could learn the great news. Sorry was so focused on telling you that I had not heard from him that I forgot to tell it was my mom’s idea that I should take a test and that I was pregnant. I guess I will sleep so I can dream of the happiness that my child will bring.

Good night diary.

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