Day 137

Dear diary

Life has returned to normal except that have started eating for two people now but guess that better than no news. My mom still says I should try to forget about Niklas and focus on my life at the moment as the child can feel anything. I guess she is right so I will do that and with the rules about leaving house has been lifted again I am now trying to walk at least 2km after work. The kindergarten is already buzzing about that I am pregnant and the kids are all asking me things I have no clue to answer. The weather on the other hand is bad and it rains a lot but I do not mind as I am smiling and walking around inside with all the kids from kindergarten. Please, pretty please let Niklas call soon as that is the only small sadness in my life and even the news is started to slow down on the news about the aliens so I wonder what is going on in the capital so here is too hoping he is home soon and doesn’t need to protect or save the world anymore. I cannot to hear what he has to say when he learns it, I really hope he is will be as happy I am.

Good night diary.

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