Day 139

Dear diary

Please help me, if I do not get though this please tell my husband Niklas that I love him and that he was going to be a great father. I miss my mother and wish she could be here too but with the tanks shooting. I cannot go anywhere and I only feel safe here in the basement. Finally the noise stopped, am I safe now? I hear people screaming so is that a good sign as I can only see smoke outside. I am writing as fast as I can incase this is my last words then I am glad I got to experience life. Two plans just flew over my house, so close that the smoke disappeared and I can see soldiers entering broken buildings so I am glad to be alive. God, please help me to know what Niklas is doing this moment and why he has not call yet. I see, only dead humans but no sign of the so-called aliens, I am going back to my apartment now and call my mom to hear if she is good. The sign of normal red blood worries me as if only humans fell doing this attack and no aliens is part of the fallen, then it is for sure an uneven war. I wonder who will be the hero who saves us. Will write more if more happens today.

See you soon, diary.

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