Day 89

Dear diary

Today Niklas called, he could not tell much other than he is trying to get permission to call me more often but he says it is hard to find time for sleep, training and me on the same time as they are pushed though a lot of training. I tried to keep my voice down but it is hard to be alone at home and only talk to your mother some days, while his famous rock search is no longer making people talk fondly about us. Do he understand how hard it is for me to be called a bad wife, when my husband is never there and there is already rumours about what has happen as no one believes he is training with the army as no of the other soldiers has been called for the training but I believe in my husband when he says he is out training with the other soldiers as why would he lie to me. He was the one wanted to move in after my landlord allowed it and he was the one asked me to marry him in a year, I was just the happy girl in all that. I am tried of being a military wife when all people talk bad about us plus the feeling of missing him when he does not call is so hard too. Anyway I want to try sleep now as for some reason I have to open up the kindergarten tomorrow even I am normally one of those who close it.

Good night diary.

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