Day 149

Dear diary

Niklas, where are you? I miss you, I need you and please be alive. The soldiers around here says that they are ready for any attack the aliens can bring if they return. All the news talks about that the aliens attacked and even it has costed lives then we have won every major battle so far. I wonder why we have not been sent to a military camp or something as I do not feel safe here even that soldier are walking the streets while tanks drives around like normal cars. The base still cannot give me any news on Niklas so when will I am getting awake by two men in uniform telling me his is death. My mom says I should just worry about getting enough food for the baby in case the aliens attacks again. It feels like she changed while blaming me. Shit there the reddish light was again, fuck an explosion not far away guess I need to run to the basement now before I get caught up here doing the attack. Good thing I have placed a madness and some food in my basement room just to be sure.

Good night diary and I hope to be alive tomorrow.

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