Day 163

Dear diary

I have only been in the bunker for less than 2 weeks and even without my mother’s crazy talk then I feel like the soldiers is watching me with lust as I am one of the few younger women around and I am sure that some of the men misses their wives and holding her close. I hope Niklas can keep his focus on me wherever he is. I longs for his touch, his kiss and watching him smile but at least I feel safe her in the bunker even for the looks of the men. We are not told about how the war with the aliens is going but I can see that not all of the men who leaves for the war comes back alive but at least it seems like we have food enough as so far I have been able to gain some weight and even with a baby inside all seems good about that. I can see the baby walking around in the bunker for me but I prefer that the aliens is sent back where they comes from so we can return to our normal lives again. My mother is taking much of my awaken time so even I say I miss Niklas, it been a while since I last tried to contact him or rather find someone who can help me with that as I have not seen any phones here and my cell phone has stopped working because of no signal down here. Maybe I should use my powers as a lady to seduces a soldier to bring me to the command centre or whatever that can give me some news. Time for bed even that the missing sun light, makes me have a hard time falling asleep or know when to walk up.

Good night diary

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