Day 167

Dear diary

I am writing this in cold rain while being all alone. I am sure you wonder what has happened and I am even surprised that I managed to get out as the bunker was like a maze especially when you are being chase by aliens. I am still shaking by all the events and I am surprised I managed to get out with my diary, my father’s stone but not my mind. I wonder if she survived. I have not seen people since the attack and I am hiding in some bushes under a big which use to have lots of homeless people around. I do not know what to do as for a moment I felt safe even with the eyes from the men on me. I only know one thing I need to survive for Niklas and the baby. I wonder how the aliens found us as the bunker is deep under ground. Maybe it was 3 floors down in a horseshoe form ground plan plus the soldier was guarding the entrance all the time. I have to ask Niklas about that when I find him or rather when he finds him. I know it is not safe to sleep alone but I am so tried after all the running and with a baby inside it is not so easy.

Good night diary

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