Day 173

Dear diary

I have walked around in the left overs from my town in around a week now, survived by eat food which has been left behind when the aliens attacks. I wonder if I should try look for someway to escape the town or if I should stay here in case Niklas gets back. I also find it crazy that I have not found any fellow humans yet but I guess that is good as then I have plenty of food myself and the baby. I am started to think of names for it as I have no way of knowing or figuring out what sex my kid is having, sometimes I even wonder if the child inside is still alive after our crazy journey together. Anyway back to the names I am think about Adam if it is a boy or Eve if it is a girl and before you judge me, dear reader. I am not super religious or anything like that but I feel that if I survives the madness we are going though now then I am for sure going to show god a little fate for a change. The sky is full of beautiful stars tonight and if you close enough at the stars you can forget the troubles of the day for a moment. Of course the red flashes appears too as a reminder of what is going on. Guess I need to sleep now as you never know when you get the chance again.

Good night diary

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