Day 179

Dear diary

My name is Liv which means life in danish so far I am told which is exactly what I am trying to be, a life that won’t give up no matter how much the odds is against you. As you know I have not found any food the last 2 days so I have not been asleep either but I am saved once more as a group of people found me and I am now together with 20 people. They have food enough even for me. I am so grateful that they found me and save me as I am not sure how long I would have survived alone after the food had disappeared. The group of people is a mix of old men, young women and several kids but even we have almost no weapons to defend ourselves than they talk about forming a resistance just like people did doing the cold war and the second world war of course. Their leader has told me that even I am new, then some members of the resistance has heard stories about that I can shoot, so I won’t be the lowest person in the food chain. Guess Niklas idea of learning me to shot finally paid off even I am yet to see any guns or rifles between the people here but maybe this is just a small outpost of some bigger network of resistance fighters. I got a soft bed to sleep in today which is for sure better than those rocks I use to sleep since leaving the bunker. I hope my mother has been found a group too and maybe even Niklas is leader or something in this resistance. The words from my fingers is started to ramble so guess I will sleep now but so many things happened today and it is hard to get it out at one time.

Good night diary

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