Day 191

Dear diary

I guess things are going the right way as even we have found no outpost yet we have made our own as we have managed to travel to a mall which is not completely destroyed and still have food in big quantities so even we not are 30 people, things look bright again. Of course we still need to be on a look out for the aliens as I am sure they will know we will search for places like that unless they do not sleep or eat like we do. Sometimes the nights are noisy as hell so I guess they maybe are not or maybe they are so many that they can rest the day soldiers and attack with new ones doing the night. We have still not been able to see them so I have no idea what we are fighting against. I do not really want to know as even I am on guard duty I would prefer not to fire my gun as I am worried what the sounds will do to my baby, speaking of which it is getting harder because of my belly to walk around and I am a bit worried that the others have notice my belly and think about leaving me behind. Good that we found the mall with so much food and so far leader Adam has not told me any bad rumours about me as I feel he would be the first to tell me if the other’s was annoyed on me. Maybe my status as shooter still protects me, who knows. Anyway I need to sleep now so I can wake up at 3am for another night guard.

Good night diary

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