Day 193

Dear diary

Today I almost shot a man, not that I am killer or that I wanted to but a group of soldier appeared in the edge of my sight from my view point at the rooftop of the mall. They was suddenly there and the way they acted when I noticed them I thought they were aliens. I hit the ground beside the first man and he has already laughed twice with Adam about it so guess he is not complaining about a female shooter. They talked about that they have a small outpost not far from here and they was here searching for food. I used the chance to ask if they knew anything about Niklas or his base but they was from far away here so they did not even know what area they was in. Even they did not bring any news about Niklas I am still happy that they are army guys as I felt that they are way better to defend us than we are. We will stay here for the night and tomorrow we will travel to their outpost where I will maybe use the secret lines to call Niklas base and get some news. I miss him and my mother but I have no idea of how to call her, she is not answering her phone but I do not know if it is the network or her phone itself. I will try to get some rest as it is starting to get hard walking with this baby and need some energy for the walk tomorrow if there is far to the outpost.

Good night diary

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