Day 197

Dear diary

We have now been at the outpost for few days and it is kinda small so I have no idea why we did not just stayed in the mall when the food was there and other than no soldiers around, life was pretty good. Adam has decide that I will be the second in command of the civilians. Not sure why that matters so much to him now we are part of an army group so we do not get to decide anything anymore plus I am not able to hide my pregnancy anymore even I wanted to because I feel like people are looking down on me after learning it, maybe they have been looking at me all the time and maybe they are tried of this war against the aliens. Which reminds me it is funny to think that around 200 days ago no one knew anything about aliens and we was all in peace with the universe while still fighting ourselves and by ourselves I mean human against human. Now we are walking together if the news from the soldiers are believed. Before that it was the army with the strongest weapon who would win. I am not sure I wanted a war against the aliens but I am happy that the world connected when needed instead of acting like monkeys. I am still surprised that we have not lost the war yet even after all the reddish lasers on the sky. Speaking of skies, I am going to sleep with music in my ears as those annoying shooting stars has reappeared, guess it is good to have your music collection somewhere else than all that streaming places which are down now. Too bad, I did not do that to any movies or I would for sure have been a popular woman. I will listen to the music even the soldiers told me not to as we need to be prepared in case the aliens attack, don’t worry my love, the headset is far from noise cancelling so I will wake up by your first scream. Night my dear fellow humans.

Good night diary

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