Day 199

Dear diary

If I did not know better I would say that the war was already over as nothing have happened the past days other than a small trip to the mall to check for food and other necessary things which I told you about yesterday. I am still sore in my body for the walk even it was not that far or hard but we have to walk together. I am not sure if it is the hormones from the pregnancy or if I am really happy but I am started to smile a lot more and the eyes that I felt looking down on me has either stopped or have never been there in the first place. Guess the only issue I am having at the moment was Adam attempt to become my new husband as for some reason he likes my looks even that I am with another mans baby. I told him right away that even I am having no idea about Niklas then he is never going to take his place as he is way to old for me. Adam looked fine after a firm no and I had no reason to pull my gun, guess he was still missing his old wife or what he had before the aliens as seen him drink a lot when talking about love. I miss Niklas so much and I hope that he soon finds his way here or somehow contacts me. Anyway time for my even music as they shooting stars has appeared again, I wonder if they really are rocks falling to the shy or something else but I am not in mood to focus on the bad things as I want my child to feel great inside my tummy.

Good night diary

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