Day 211

Dear diary

I completely forgot to write you today, guess my mind was somewhere else as life is just slow here and it was a nice dream until a certain baby woke me up with his tiny steps from inside my belly. I am so happy that I started cry when it first happened earlier today, right after a former midwife told me that it was the time for me to stop working and focus on myself and the baby. She told me, it was pretty normal to feel them now so I was so happy I felt them too as I have been a bit worried about him inside. Yes I have the feeling it is a boy and I will named him after my father Brian if Niklas returns if not I will name him Niklas after his father. I hope his favourite colour will be Turquoise like me so he can get the rock my father gave me so he can keep the family legacy. I hope you get a longer life than your grandfather and promise me, no cars. Yes little one, you need to sleep now so I can be fresh and full of energy tomorrow and take care of you while waiting for your father. I know I know, you want to meet him and if I was laying on my belly I am sure you would carry me all the way to him this instant but it is night and we need to sleep now in the moonlight and the sound of Mike Oldfield playing his famous Moonlight shadow once more.

Good night diary

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