Day 223

Dear diary

I should be dead but somehow I am alive. I should be looking for food and not write this stupid diary. Sorry diary I cannot focus my mind right now as the outpost was just attacked but somehow I escaped by getting down in the servers and have not seen a soul in 4 hours now and the sounds from explosions and what ever else a battle brings has died out too. I am so alone now and I am wondering if I should go back to the ground level as I am never going to be found by either humans or aliens down here. I only have the gun that Adam gave me, maybe I should just use it and end my life as I am so alone in this world and war. No news from Niklas, Viola or the army bass for that matter. No I will not give up I will travel to Niklas base tomorrow and wait for him there but first I need to sleep if my mind will let me sleep and escape those horrors which just happened. I am not sure why we did not get sent there in the first place, maybe the soldiers was too out number to save us or maybe they was enjoying having women nearby. Beep, no one gave me a chance to survive doing the attack but still I m the only one alive now. I lost my phone so cannot listen to music to calm my head and I am sure even you can feel my scared feelings now, my dear baby. Mommy loves you and I will survive for you and Niklas. Sorry I even thought of ending my life, I won’t do that mistake again. I most sleep now and stop thinking, or rather the other way around.

Good night diary

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