Day 227

Dear diary

Today I am so happy that I did not go back to Niklas base but instead went to the mall instead as you never guess who found me there. Niklas plus a small group of soldiers, they are the only one who survived the attack on their base which was attack around the same time as the outpost I had been living in. Niklas had just returned to the base because been called back but by the aliens attacked the base before he could reach it and he happened to find the man who had been answering all my calls about Niklas and he had told Niklas about the outpost. Niklas had searched the outpost and had been super worried for me when he could not find my body between the dead. He decide to go to the mall after a few days of thinking and now we are together once more. Of course I have told him the happy news of him being the father of our child and he was so happy. Brain was happy too as he started kicking so much, all the men got a chance to feel the life from him, removing some of the sorrow they was carrying. Their eyes told me enough so have not asked Niklas about their missions and now he is sleeping next to me while holding a hand on my belly. I guess I will sleep now too as I have no idea of what tomorrow will bring to us.

Good night diary

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