Day 229

Dear diary

The past two days has been wonderful as I am together with Niklas once more and we are talking about everything which has happened to me and our future child. We have not talked much about his life since we last was together but guess I do not want to know either. I also feel more safe with Niklas around than I was with the stranger soldiers. Not that I did not respect the others I just felt that they did see me as a woman and you never know what kind of things goes though the head of a man who had been though war. Niklas is the leader of the group so the rest of soldiers follows his command and at the moment we are searching for two things, survivors and food. I showed them the mall and we got a lot of food from there but as I knew when I was with the civilians the mall are not a safe place for us to be so we need a new place. Niklas says that the aliens are mainly attacking towns full of people so maybe we will travel the water spring lake and the forest around it as we can catch fish there and we will not be near any town. I find it a good idea but I need help but he says he will help me in anyway he can. I guess Niklas is so happy he found me alive as his hands does not leave my belly once doing the night except for the hours he has to guarding the area we sleep in. I am so happy that he found me when he did as things would have been bad if he had not. Thanks god. 

Good night diary

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