Day 239

Dear diary

Niklas has finally got permission to travel to the spring water lake and forest area by their high command and I don’t think it is not a moment too early as food is disappearing quickly when you are so many people. We still have plenty but we need something from the trip too as it might take a day or two to get there when we have to hide for the aliens and their machines. I am feeling ready to go but we have decide to go early in the morning instead of this evening. The shooting stars have appeared once more and this time it was just a single one so I believe that it was a good omen about tomorrow instead of more of those aliens. Yes, Niklas talks about that the army has a theory about that the shooting stars was how they entered our world without showing up on our radars and such. I wanted to asked him more about it but my mind was a bit worried to continue as he was one of the people who found the comets who had hit the earth. I am feeling more safe now as he kissed me like he did the day he asked to marry me and he still has plans to do so if the high command will allow him. I guess I have to wait but he promised to be protecting us until then. I asked why not now but he says it is hard to do without a priest which made me ask the other civilians if any of them was a priest but none of them was so like I said I guess to wait. That was the major events for today I guess.

Good night diary

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