Day 241

Dear diary

It is now the first evening in the forest near spring water lake and we had fish for dinner as the lake is full of fish. I guess the numbers has grown a lot doing the days without people having chance to do any fishing. The fish taste so much better than the can food that we have been having lately. The camp is still pretty small, I think we are around 15 civilians and five soldiers including Niklas and I. I do not know how their high command expected the five soldier to search an entire town for survivors but I am not a soldier so I do not get to ask those questions. We have not been attack by the aliens yet so guess that is good. I hope I am not jinx it now that I said it. The place is already nice as we have a few tents for all the people, Niklas told me to join the civilians in the tents as he and the soldiers had to sleep outside tonight. Guess that would be the first night since we found each other that he will not sleep with his hands on my belly. I wanted to sleep outside but he was not sure it would be good for the baby. I am the female here and the baby have survived attacks from aliens and such already, so I am not worried about it, beside I have missed him so much while he has been gone so I do not want to leave him. Anyway my energy is low from all the camping set up and so on, so will sleep now.

Good night diary

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