Day 251

Dear diary

Today I am so annoyed if not pissed as today I overheard Niklas getting new orders from high command and they were to help some soldiers in an outpost 2 days away from here, just because every thing is too slow here. I do not mind that Niklas has to do his job as the army tell him to do but that he is going to try doing it without telling me he is leaving and when I finally make him say that he is leaving then I cannot get permission to join him because he finds me a perfect leader for the civilians. Like I care about any of them if I am not having Niklas around me too. Then Niklas uses the excuse that I am pregnant which was the final straw and I tell him that he is not going anywhere without me. The yelling voice of mine, makes him finally understand how much I care for him and that I am not leaving his side again. One of the other civilians overhears our argument and quickly says that he can be the leader while we travel to the outpost to figure out what is going on down there. Niklas want to say no to the man but he knows that he is out of options so we are leaving tomorrow and the man, Matt, I guess is the leader of the civilians until we return. My eyes are full of tears at the moment and I am sad that Niklas and I had to argue about his job, guess I just cannot continue my life without him and if he is going to die, I want to be near him with it happens.

Good night diary

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