Day 257

Dear diary

The soldier, Niklas and I have no been at the place high command told Niklas to go for 4 days and even with all the searching that Niklas and his soldiers has done, we have found nothing that indicates that their have been soldiers here recently. The noice from the building slowly breaking into more pieces is more annoying that the sound of the shooting starts so I have asked Niklas when we are going back to the camp and at first he was like that I could just have stayed back there if I did not want to be here in the first place but now after high command could not give him new info, he has decide to full back as he felt the civilians was in need of him instead. The high command sounded pissed in the other end but Niklas just turned it off and kiss my forehead and belly before walking out to his men and told them to pack their things so they were ready to go back to the forest at first sun light tomorrow. Not one of them asked or said anything against the order so guess I am not the only one who wants to go home. Of other things then no much have happened here, last night it rained but house we are sleeping in, managed to keep us dry even it had a big hole in the roof. The baby is still kicking but I have no idea how it is inside there now as I do not have any midwife or books to read about pregnancy because of those stupid aliens. I asked Niklas if we could go to the library in a new by town but he would not waste resources on trying to find a bot about and because I did not want to argue with him so quickly after our last one I decide to let him win. I think everything is going well anyway because why else would my belly grow and still being able to feel him kicking. I guess Niklas will sleep with a hand on my belly again tonight.

Good night diary

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