Day 263

Dear diary

I do not know how to write this down on paper, let alone clean it from my mind as I am so chocked about what happened that I do not know what to say or think. Niklas did the right thing by not shooting him as even we are still a man less because of it then we cannot waste human lives when there is an alien war going on. I guess I can make myself write it now. One of Niklas’s men tried to rape me earlier today by forcing down my pants and panties before bending me over. I managed to scream for help before he could do anything naughty against me and in the next Niklas is there pulling him away. The man said sorry right away but Niklas did not listen at first and just pulled him away from me and the tent so I could get my clothes back on in peace. A heard a gunshot and for a moment I thought he had decide to shot the man but he was just going to explain every body that we was not going to do things like this in the camp and then he decides to kick the man out of the camp with only his outfit, a small handgun, a knife and some food. The man asked to come back and he even tried to look at me with sorry eyes but I was too hurt back then to even care about his faint. I am glad that Niklas did not shoot him even I was the one who was getting hurt and I know I am repeating myself but we need to show ourself as humans or the aliens will win soon. I hope that I can sleep without nightmares now.

Good night diary

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