Day 269

Dear diary

Guess one accident never comes alone even it has been a few days since Niklas forces out one of his soldiers out of the camp because he tried to rape me. I am still glad Niklas managed to spare his life and who knows maybe he comes back. Anyway the reason I said that one accident never happens alone is because today the aliens found us and destroyed most of the camp so even it is raining I am sleeping outside tonight. They destroyed our camp pretty badly but for some reason only a few of us was hurt doing the fight so not sure what they really wanted to do as if I was an enemy force, trying to conquer a world I would not stop after destroying the camp. Anyway I am happy they did and tomorrow we will start to rebuild the things as Niklas finds the place too good to leave behind. I am not sure I should write this but I overheard Niklas do a count of ammo and it does not sound good so I hope some army soon arrives and save us unless we have to go somewhere to find it. The only problem about that is that we are round 2 days from the mall and as you know the mall is not safe for us as it is inside the town. I guess I just have to start praying for the good things to start happening even that I am super happy Niklas and I is together. The attack made me believe in god once more. I am normally not praying every evening but starting today I am and will not stop before the war is over or I am dead. I hope the night will be peaceful as the rain really makes my eyes heavy even that my belly is being kicked from the inside.

Good night diary

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