Day 271

Dear diary

Now we are only 4 people in the camp. Do not worry, we have not been attack by aliens or other ways of getting killed by the guy, I think his name was Matt, who was the temporary leader while we checked out the outpost, has been talking and asking the civilians around us if they believe in Niklas and his 3 remaining soldiers can defend them against the aliens once more if they come back. Surprisingly none of the civilians except me feels safe even I was the one who almost get raped and the only person who is pregnant as most of the others is guys. Niklas tried to calm down the people but it did not work so instead he tried to use force which was a bad idea as it just ended up making the other people feel like they was force to stay even that Niklas just tried to explain them that things was not safe outside the camp. In the end I had to step in to stop him and Matt from fighting each other which made Niklas ask me if I wanted to stay with him or go with the civilians. My heart dropped as I felt that it was the most stupid question he could ask in the whole wide world as I love him so much that I will stay until the end and beside how would the civilians defend themselves without guns or anything else with power. Matt said that he would rather take the chance to find the army we was waiting for instead of staying in the area after the aliens attack. So far we had no reason to believe that the aliens would attack again after they was fought back the first time and beside the camp was still a mess now so why would they even think humans would live there and lastly why would they come outside the town once more. Matt was not giving up his plan off leaving so they left without us and now I am back to sleep under some blanket we use as tent and all is more quiet without the 15 or so civilians also trying to sleep.

Good night diary

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