Day 277

Dear diary

It has been a quiet week since the civilians left the area. Niklas has been sending out his men trying to get the back but it has been hard to track them plus those they found was still not ready to return so now we are just trying to live our own lives even that high command told Niklas to find so many civilians as possible. I am confused about why Niklas and the men did not follow them. I even asked Niklas about and he said there is nothing safe around her so as long the food is in from of fish and others things then he would not leave. I guess that people can have their mind set in one thing until some event changes it and today we watched 2 planes fly over our heads. Niklas quickly decide he want us to follow them even we had no idea of where they came from or where they was going. I do not mind about this but we have to think of my pregnancy so I cannot march or what type of walking the soldiers normal do. Maybe if we are lucky they are guiding us to the army we are waiting for or something even better. Niklas says they have to be close to an airport or aircraft carrier even that our minds do not remember any airports nearby or water big enough for the carrier. We have been walking 30kilometres the way they was flying and both my feet and belly hurts so badly. I wish we could find a car to drive. I forgot to say it was a protector plane or rather two so they would not be alone according to what Niklas know about the planes with such short notices. I want to sleep now so I can walk even more tomorrow.

Good night diary

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