Day 281

Dear diary

Today was another day of good and bad news and since I am the write and so far the only reader of this novel I have decide to just mix of the news and tell then in one story. We have found the airport where the planes arrived from but the place has already been destroyed by the aliens, which of course is sad and bad for humans but we found a lot of food to eat and other good things such as ammo for the guns and rifles we are using to defend ourself with. Guess the aliens did not destroy it as they did not know what we used it for. My legs hurts like crazy now and I am glad to finally rest again after all our walking the past days. I am sure my baby is thinking that too. Niklas is trying to figure out if this was the airport the places was from or if it is an other one. The high command is not answering his calls so I guess he is also worried if things are bad with the army. I am a little worried myself but as long as I am with Niklas I do not care much about the events around us no matter if it is sad, more destruction or what ever those aliens can find out. It been a long time since I had the chance to focus on the star without fall asleep right away so I guess I will do that after writing this diary. The baby is for sure alive and kicking so maybe I will try to get Niklas to join us so we can be a family again before bed time.

Good night diary

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