Day 283

Dear diary

Niklas found a room full of canned food so now he is sending out his men to look for survivors as he still wants to complete the mission that army has put out for him and his men. Because of the ammo we found I have gotten permission to try fire a few rounds. It is a bit hard while carrying a baby too but I manage to hit the target anyway. Not inside the centre like I would normally but still close enough to hopefully kill the alien. I wanted to shoot more times but one of the soldiers returned with a woman named Rosetta, who happened to be a midwife, who told me that I needed rest instead of shooting guns. She said that the noise from the gun would maybe make the baby be born deaf. I have never heard about such nonsense before but before I could do anything against it was Niklas taken away my gun and told me go rest like the woman said. I did as she told and she came up to me and felt with her fingers on her belly to figure out if it everything was good inside. Rosetta said she would not be able to tell for sure without the right equipment but what she could feel, felt right. I was so happy that I almost forgot I was angry at her for getting my gun taken away. Niklas and I decide talk about names afterwards and he thought it could be nice the name him after my father Brain if it was a boy. I was happy he wanted to honour my father if it was a boy. Do you have a good name if a girl too I asked and he smiled, what about Juno and I was smiling all over my face as I had always dreamt of a child named Juno, but have not told Niklas yet. Anyway it is time to watch stars one more night while being on guard post together with Niklas.

Good night diary

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