Day 293

Dear diary

I do not know what to write today as I am have just been lazy all day because the midwife Rosetta found it a bad idea to do anything wild when I had the baby inside. Niklas cares so much about our future baby that he demanded that I just stayed in this bed thing and eat the food that he brings me. Funny how a new woman can change so many things in in so short time. I feel that I love Niklas so I guess I have no reason to write this but Rosetta is older than both me and Niklas so no worries about him suddenly cheats on me with her but maybe one of his army guys wants her or maybe the guy who tried to rape me, wants her. I wonder what happened to him as he left the camp as told and we have not seen any dead body that looks like him even we have seen tanks, jeeps and soldiers death or destroyed anywhere. I have seen kids too but I try not to focus on them and just focus on my own life and the future as I cannot change what happens doing the alien war anyway as I am no soldier plus I am almost 28 weeks pregnant if I have not miss counted. So I am just trying to be a woman in this mess. The shooting stars on the sky cannot decide if they want to come a lot or want to stay away and those who come has been coming lately has been silence so all good except for the red lasers in the sky. I wonder if they are laser weapons like those in Star Wars or not. I would ask Niklas but I am not sure I would get an answer from him. Anyway Niklas is here now so I wanna rest with him.

Good night diary

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