Day 307

Dear diary

Today was both a happy day and sad day because the bad news demands we find something to transport me in or we will not get far north. Ups forgot to say what happened in the north since we need something to transport me which is the good news. The radio suddenly started board casting and it told that an army of the remaining nations is being created in the north as the aliens do not like the snow and cold weather up there so if anyone alive they can join up in the army and help taking back the country and the world afterwards. They also promised hep to those injured or otherwise not able to join the army. Niklas said we had to go there and quickly send out his men to find some transport before leaving me with Rosetta. This was the first time I have been alone with a woman since the time at the bunker so it was a bit weird too me as I use to just give commands to Niklas and his men like I was their boss. She told me she used to have a boyfriend too but he died doing the attack at our capital and in attempt to escape the mess, she had been walking all the way here as she knew about the airport and wanted to fly away as she had been taking fly lessons for fun. I told her to leave me, to check if there was any plane not destroyed left but she told me that she had already checked back when she arrived and back then the airport was already destroyed. The reason we had not found her there was because she had been searching for survivors or a bunker to stay inside instead of the open area. I have never heard of a so cool woman before. I am such a weakling compared to her and been so lucky to get help the times I needed. Anyway Niklas and his men are back home now without anything to drive but they have found some gas so they have something for the transport later on. It is late now so will try to rest as Niklas told he would do the first shift.

Good night diary

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