Day 311

Dear diary

Time is working against us as today we noticed some of the food has started to rot and rats has been going thought some of the fresh so we are no longer having as much food as we expect even that Niklas says we can eat the rats. I hope he is joking as there is no chance I will eat that kind of animal. On the other hand we have found some more gasoline for the transport so I am sure we have enough once we find something to drive. Of other news the radio broad casted the same news as the other day just this time it was a female speaker instead of a male the first time. I hope that the guy who was speaking the first time is still alive as such a change really makes your mind go crazy about what could have happen. Rosetta told me a story about her childhood to keep my mind away from the problems. She talked about she once travelled to USA and visited the statue of liberty. I have never been there but I always loved the green colour the statue has got over the years. I wonder if it still stands or the aliens has destroyed it all ready. Anyway back to the story. She told me that the day she visited it, there had been people in millions because it was the first day the view point had been opened since the terror attack 11. September 2001. She managed to get up there anyway so she was able to watch New York from a distance like immigrates back in the day when they reached the town in an attempt to become Americans. I am glad to hear stories form… Niklas and his men is back with one, is being carried, he has lost so much blood…

Good night diary

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