Day 313

Dear diary

Sorry for my choice of words but my mind has been fucked up since we lost a soldier because a small group of the aliens appears and they managed to kill one of the soldiers. Niklas has been blaming himself and his sleep has been full of nightmares and I have not been able to sleep much because of it but there are still good news today or rather mixed news. The soldier who tried to rape me and Niklas sent away, has suddenly appeared as he had learned about the airport and tried to find it. So he found us that way. I know Niklas would have sent him away if it had not been because he was driving a truck with room for all of us so we can finally go north and join the army there. We need a few days to prepare or rather nights as Niklas do not want us to be out in the open doing the day because of the attack. I am still having mixed feelings about him rejoining our group but now there is Rosetta and I know she is not obliged to do anything with the man but maybe they can do something to let off his steam or what ever it is call. He came right over to me to explain how sorry he still was about the event and I took the excuse but still having second thoughts if this was a good idea or not. I even thought so far that I would shot the man to get the truck but after seeing what a death soldier does to Niklas I will not try it. I have decide that even if Rosetta says it is a bad idea I still want help pack the truck so we can get to safety faster. Maybe aliens reappears and only time will tell if we made a good choice or not about the soldier.

Good night diary

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