Day 331

Dear diary

We have now started our journey to the north even that we have no idea off where to go other than go north. The food is already low so hope we find the place soon and because of the low amount of food I will not write unless major things happens. I do this to help my baby and I to be able to survive the longest. Rosetta says, it is a good idea and since she is supposed to know things like that then I have to believe her. I have already been dreaming about the day Niklas and I was meeting each other for the first time. It was a cold spring day where the trees have started to spring out but most trees was still just brown. I was out running in a forest area when I fell and twisted my foot. I tried to walk but the pain was too much so I wanted to call for help but had forgotten my phone at home so I was all alone on the path. I started to wonder how long before someone would miss me, but because I was alone at my apartment no one would miss me except if they tried to call me. Rain started to fall so I tried to stand on my foot again and this time I was able to keep standing even the pain was really strong. I walked slowly and was so focused on the pain that I did not notice that Niklas was walking against me and he was having eyes form something else so suddenly we bumped into each other and I landed on my bad foot, making me scream loudly of pain. Tears started to run fast down my cheeks even I tried to focus on something else than the pain. Niklas knew I was hurt so he just tried to help me up again. He was so kind to take me to the hospital so I guess we fell for each other as we already went on our first date after my hospital visit. I am glad I am able to dream such good dreams in these hard times.

Good night diary

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