Day 347

Dear diary

I do not know how to start the diary today as the last thing I remember was writing this diary and in the next I wake up in a military hospital and now I am all alone again as they say I am the only one who survived the aliens attacking. ´They have no idea of where Niklas and the others are and because I am pregnant none of the leaders of this camp will allow me to go back there even after telling them that I am a good shooter so they only need to give a gun and maybe a soldier or two. I always miss Niklas and I understand why as they tell me that it has been 10 days since they found me laying on the ground with a weak heart rate and when they found out I was pregnant they decide to try save me even they did not have unlimited equipment for that like a normal hospital but they have heard about an army being gathered in the north so they expect to win the war soon and have the needed equipment soon again. I still want to go but for now it is impossible because I am chained to the bed and only got permission to write my diary as they understood the it meant the world to me after reading some of the pages. I knew that soldiers was human when I meet Niklas but after the episode with the soldier who watched me as a woman for him to play with I missed the feeling a bit. I also miss my mother but I have not seen her in ages now so I fear the worst so now I just want to escape this place and return to the place where we was attack to find out if Niklas is dead or not. If I do not find out I guess I have nothing except for Niklas jr. to live for. Yes I know the sex of my child now and he is healthy. Please please let me find his father so we can be family in the future if those annoying aliens allows me. It is time Ito rest as I am about to get taken my diary away once more.

Good night diary.

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