Day 349

Dear diary

I guess I have to stay here even I want to find Niklas again and my mother Viola too even she has been gone longer than Niklas. I know it has been a while since I written my mother with name but I feel that I am slowly forgetting her even that I do not want to. She is in my heart together with my father and all I have to remember them by is what I have written inside this dairy and the rock my father gave me. If I died against the aliens I hope I will meet them in the heavens even my faint is broken by all the destruction by the aliens. I do not know why we cannot search for them as the army I am with now is far bigger than the small groups I was with doing the time before Niklas and the time with Niklas too. I know we was a lot of civilians in the end but still Niklas and his men did more than this army. They are waiting for an army which are getting created further north as the aliens do not like the weather up there, I have been asked if I wanted to go there but at the moment I want to search for Niklas and Viola if I get the chance. They want to send me away because I am pregnant and they worry I will use too much energy waiting plus the north has more places for someone like me. Good thing they are not forcing me to go and respect my feelings. I give got a gun to use against the aliens as they have heard by other survivors that I am a good shooter… I asked them for a rifle but for now I am only allowed to carry a normal gun, they talk about low numbers of ammo and guess they are worried that if they give me too many things I might go search for Niklas and Viola on my own. I am pregnant but want to help in anyway I can. Niklas jr. tells me it is bed time now as he stopped kicking now.

Good night diary.

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